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Renovation consultants (often referred to as FHA Consultants) are highly skilled and qualified professionals who assist with the flow of a residential rehab project.

As the most competent consultant is one who is an FHA Approved 203k Consultant, we will describe what this type of consultant is and does as an overall description of all professionals in this industry.
An FHA consultant has a...

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A renovation loan is a way to finance repairs and improvements to a property (usually residential) and have the cost of the rehab included into the property mortgage. In this way a home borrower (either a purchaser or existing owner refinancing their current mortgage) can take advantage of the equity and asset value of their home before it has achieved that value buy borrower the funds that will facilitate the repairs that will constitute this increase in value.

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That's right- Genesis is a new beginning and we can not think of a better way for you to begin then to allow you a full 2 Months to use Genesis. This is not a demo trial but a full functioning license.

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Genesis is fully integrated with the Inspection Support Network (ISN) allowing users to import data quickly and easily from their preferred scheduling system

Multiple Consultants within a single company account (including digital signature insertion)

Download easily editable forms

Get Consolidated reporting with just the click of one button

Contractor Login Portal, for contractors to create and submit Contractor Bids electronically, for no additional charge.

Mobile Accessible for Android/iOS web browsers.

And much more..

Genesis is a NEW beginning and with any beginning we need and want your feedback.

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The National Association of FHA Consultants was founded as a resource for residential rehab consultants, their strategic partners and the general public.

Our mission is to be an advocate of the use of renovation mortgages and to promote and enhance the quality, competency and consistency of the professionals who participate in this much needed and valuable industry.

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