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The Genesis Renovation Project Management System is the only online - web based platform for creation/reporting and management of rehab projects that allows full integration with all of the participants of the project Genesis, like the meaning of its name implies, is a new beginning of expanded possibility and opportunity for ALL types of rehab project management and support- NOT just FHA 203k projects.

Genesis has been created to meet the extreme specifications of America's foremost expert on FHA 203k project management- the Executive Director of NAFHAC, creator of the 203k In A Box FHA Consultant Training and Marketing System, Author of "Insights of a Successful 203k Consultant" and a 20 year experienced residential building consultant and owner of a multi- inspector/consulting firm- Catherine Hall. It has been her in-depth knowledge of the functions and activities of a renovation consultant that has guided every aspect of our GENESIS.

One of the unique features that separates Genesis from other systems, is it's integration with another industry leader- Inspection Support Network (ISN). ISN is the most popular and successful inspection scheduling and report delivery system and with our integration with ISN, Genesis will eliminate redundant data entry and allow for easier transfer of information and simplify the coordination of the inspector/consultant's day to day activities of scheduling managing databases across multiple platforms.

As Genesis continues to grow, we are confident and excited to welcome input from other like you- industry leaders, strategic partners and users of our system.